EquityBuild Vision

Vision and Values

Equitybuilds deeply held belief is to serve others with our investment expertise

We identify upside opportunities and create value at every step of the process

Promote high-performance private wealth creation beyond tradition equities

Grow the private sector by maximizing returns with proven investment models

Envisioning Opportunity

At Equitybuild, we apply a rigorous set of standards to any investment opportunity that we are considering
One of the most important of these requirements is the size of the market that we are investigating
Larger markets allow us to keep our costs minimized, which translates to higher returns for our investors
Chicago is large enough for us to achieve the economies of scale that save our investors a significant amount of money


Chicago is in our “Sweet Spot”

EquityBuild knows Chicago intimately. We have done business there for years, and we know the city inside out ― neighborhood by neighborhood, block by block. We are there daily, so we see the micro changes and the opportunities others miss. Our inspection teams are knowledgeable and experienced, with a deep understanding of the strengths and challenges of the buildings we target. And we only invest in properties that meet our rigorous underwriting criteria.

We have been successfully investing in real estate for decades, and we put our experience into play on behalf of our investors every single day so they can achieve their dreams of lasting wealth and financial security.

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