Fund 1

EquityBuild Fund 1


Hypothetical investment amount of 100K just for an example.

75% of the 100K (75K), goes to the debt portion of the fund which will earn you a 10.375% APR paid monthly

The entire 75K invested in the debt portion is returned to you in the first 18 Months.

At this point, the only balance remaining is the 25K invested in the equity portion of the fund which also pays the same 10.375%, only quarterly.

At month 36, the entire 25K invested in the debt portion of the fund is returned to you.Balance = $0.00

Here is where it gets fun.

You continue to receive a variable dividend while having no investment. The dividend ranges from 2% in years 4-6, to as high as 128.65% in year 10.

Everyone is asking, first “why?”, immediately followed by “how?”.

It’s simple; we put our investors first. While it is true that we actually do not have to pay this dividend, it’s just the right thing to do, so we decided to just do it.


Just as simple; the dividend is paid on the excess operating capital of the assets in the fund.

The fund is a 10-year fund; all of your capital is returned in 36 months, but you continue to receive a dividend for the remaining 7 years. Yeah, that’s free money!

Bottom line:

100K goes in and gets returned in 36 months; you continue to get a check for the next 7 years, which in total, amounts to an overall ROI of $69,250.13 on the 100K invested.

Remember that the 100K is only a hypothetical; 50K is the minimum – just depends on your level of comfort.

Hybrid Fund

Fund 1.

Fund Type

Hybrid Capital Fund

Amount Funded

Funded 30%