Frequently Asked Questions

What type of investments does EquityBuild offer?

EquityBuild’s investment offerings are limited partnership hybrid funds providing investors with exposure to both the debt and equity asset classes in a single holding. By taking a position in an EquityBuild fund, you are becoming a part owner of, and a part lender on a portfolio of high-quality multi-unit residential properties. Plus, you have the assurance that 75% of your capital will be returned to you by month 18 and the remaining capital within 36 months.

What is my role as an investor?

An investment with EquityBuild is completely passive; all the hard work of finding opportunities, negotiating terms, managing, and maintaining your investment is borne by the firm. Your role is limited to the decision to invest.

What Is Commercial Real Estate Investing

The term commercial real estate is a broad term. It generally refers to any property other than a single family home or a residential lot in a subdivision. If real estate produces income, or falls into a number of other categories other than being a private residence, it can be considered commercial real estate.

• The term commercial property (also called investment or income property) refers to buildings or land intended to generate a profit, either from rental income or capital gain.

• The business of selling or buying properties such as office complexes, industrial plants, apartment complexes, and retail properties.

• Any real property except a property with only one to four dwelling units for residential use. Any property mixed with both residential and commercial.

• Real estate used in the operation of a business. Commercial real estate can be leased or owned and may include a wide variety of property types, such as apartment buildings greater than 5 units, office buildings, retail space, and industrial facilities.

Why Invest In Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is a practical and proven way of generating real long-term wealth that pays you every month, with potential increases every year. As an investor, you can create a perpetual means of passive income for yourself, tax-advantaged income that could last for the rest of your life and those of your family. There is no better investment strategy than commercial real estate to help you get build equity, while also creating generational wealth.

Why Partner In Commercial Real Estate

Partnering in real estate investments affords individual investors access to larger opportunities than would otherwise be available. As a team, investors can combine their purchasing power, and mitigate risk by spreading it over a larger portfolio.

Who Should I Invest In Commercial Real Estate With

Successful commercial property owners have excellent internal communications and accurate financial and operational reporting. Their systems allow them to hold their business systems accountable to those responsible. Examples of typical commercial property business systems include accounting, revenue generation, internal controls, property management staff, marketing systems, maintenance, and payment processing.

Why Invest in Real Estate Funds

The advantage of starting off with multi-family properties is that they’re a great way to jump into the exciting world of commercial real estate investing. Most commercial investors we know started off by investing in small-to-medium-sized multi-unit properties.

Great reasons to invest in apartments include:

• Excellent rental demand as everyone needs a place to live.
• Tremendous cash flow and value-add potential.
• There are many potential properties to invest in.
• Multi-family dwellings are favored by institutional lenders.
• Easiest to exit compared to other classes of commercial real estate.
• Stable asset to invest in when the economy is most volatile.


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