About EquityBuild Hybrid Capital Funds

Accredited Investors

EquityBuild Fund’s deeply held belief is to serve others with our real estate investment expertise

We identify upside opportunities and create value at every step of the process

EquityBuild promotes high-performance private wealth creation beyond traditional equities

EquityBuild Fund Commitment

Empower accredited investors 

Revitalize communities

Spark new pockets of prosperity

Grow the private sector by maximizing returns with proven investment models



Company History

EquityBuild Fund carries on the excellence and innovation of the EquityBuild Brand. With more than 75 years of combined industry experience in Commercial Real Estate Investing the EquityBuild brand name carries with it a rich and distinguished history.

EquityBuild offers innovative hybrid capital funds to Accredited Investors. EquityBuild is a world recognized name for innovation and consistently delivering the highest quality investment projects.

Our Expertise


EquityBuild is an innovative company with rich distinct history in investing

Exceptional Service

Our Team takes on all aspects of the process giving you truly passive investing

Creative Solutions

EquityBuild team looks for creative new approaches for investors to earn more

Impressive Results

EquityBuild delivers impressive results with each project and has a formidable history